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Corporate Analysis: Feedback Surveys & Follow-Up

An organization comprises more than employees, teams and people leaders. The organization as a whole is united by a shared vision and the path to achieving it. Bringing this vision to life together with the teams is the job of the people leaders. How do you find the right path if you don't know where you are? Feedback is the basis for organizational development and the flywheel that lets organizations, teams and people leaders learn!

Where does your organization stand? Ask the experts: Your employees!

As experts in organizational development, we specialize in conducting employee surveys and 360° leadership feedback. This form of assessment serves as a guideline for your organizational development.

We accompany you from the planning and conception of your surveys to the consistent processing of your survey results in workshops, trainings and coachings.

What does the Future Fitness Program look like for your organization?

Feedback Surveys

Employee Surveys
360° Feedbacks
Pulse Surveys
Culture Analysis


Results Workshops
Development Programmes

Feedback Surveys. Status Quo assessment for your organization.

Feedback Surveys

Feedback is the basis for effective development processes. Feedback helps to review and adjust set goals, to question one's own status quo and to learn from mistakes.

Our mission is to support individuals, teams and organizations in gathering feedback in order to learn from it.

With our employee surveys, 360° leadership feedback and pulse surveys, we make the world a better place to work:

Project by project, questionnaire by questionnaire, analysis by analysis.


Employee survey

"Four eyes see more than two". Loosely based on this motto, employee surveys multiply your vision by 100, 1,000 or 10,000. In this way, employee surveys expand your field of vision and serve as a motor that helps establish a continuous learning and improvement process in your company.

360° Leadership Feedback

Feedback is a scarce resource in everyday life that is used too rarely. This is especially true for leadership feedback. At the same time, feedback is the most important catalyst for learning & development. We say: Without feedback no learning! Leadership feedback helps to close this gap for people leaders and to establish an important building block of a positive feedback culture.

Life is too short for no feedback!

Employee Surveys

Employee surveys are company-wide, written (online) surveys that serve to positively develop engagement, productivity and company culture.

Hand on heart

How many employee surveys do you know that have become data graveyards? One reason is that employee surveys are misunderstood as "market research projects." Far too often, employees are surveyed as if they were pedestrians in a pedestrian zone. That's not how it works!

Employee surveys can be effective organizational development tools - if they are treated as such!

We do that - together with you!

Employee surveys come in different forms, which we design for you according to your wishes and needs:

  • Company-wide full surveys
  • Target group specific surveys or pulse surveys
  • Accompanying change barometers
  • Culture analyses

Employee surveys - tailored to the needs of your organization!

360° Leadership Feedback

"Leadership" is not a driver's license according to the motto "Once made, valid for life." On the contrary: regular feedback helps managers to do their own job even better. And 360° leadership feedbacks are proven instruments for this purpose.

People leaders receive feedback on observable competencies from their own work environment - from the perspective of their own employees, colleagues and superiors. In parallel, the leader fills out a self-assessment, which is compared in the evaluation with the external image of the feedback givers. The comparison of self-perception and the perception of others makes it possible to work out starting points with the feedback recipients for their own competence development.

360° feedbacks are widely applicable in companies:

  • ... as a regular feedback instrument for managers.
  • ... as part of the onboarding process for new managers after 3 to 6 months.
  • ... as a location assessment before or during management development programs.
  • ... as a location assessment during the introduction of new leadership competencies.

Our leadership feedback - our web-based software solution: VIECONNECT is used for the administration and implementation of our 360° feedback processes. VIECONNECT ...

  • manages feedback processes of any size in real time.
  • is user-friendly and works on all end devices.
  • is available in 28 languages.
  • is stable and scalable - no matter if 50, 500 or 5,000 feedback recipients.
  • is programmed with regard to data protection and security standards.

Culture Analysis

„Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast" (Peter Drucker)

Corporate culture has a significant influence on business success. At the same time, information is needed to steer culture and success in the right direction.

In strategic organizational development, this information is crucial to position the organization for the future.

A culture analysis brings the data foundation to link organizational culture, change and leadership to financial business results.

You get a snapshot of the current culture to develop targeted initiatives for change based on it.

Want a culture analysis for your organization? We will be happy to guide you.


Whether it's an employee survey or 360° leadership feedback: the results are always just a starting point for deriving individual measures and follow-up activities. Only the reaction to the results of the survey and derived action steps give the survey its useful value. Sounds obvious, but it is not always easy to implement!

Whatever the hurdles: We are development companions for your organization!

An effective reappraisal takes place as needed in results workshops, coaching sessions, development programs or through the transfer of knowledge in train-the-trainer and train-the-coach workshops.

Let data follow action!

Call us or send us an e-Mail. We look forward to hearing from you!


  • What about the future viability of your organization?
  • How precisely do you know what issues are currently occupying your employees?
  • How well do your people leaders and employees live the corporate values?
  • How fit are the people leaders in your organization in digital leadership?

Would you like answers to these questions?

Call us or send us an e-Mail. We look forward to hearing from you!


Follow-Up: Targeted development. Let the data be followed by action!


Target-oriented personnel and organizational development

Would you like to plan the development of your organization and discuss with a view to the future what is strategically the most suitable way to achieve your goals?

We support you in deriving targeted measures from your employee survey or your 360° feedback and in making your organization fit for the future.

This can take the form of results workshops, train-the-trainer seminars, coaching, training or customized development programs. Whether agility, organizational resilience or digital transformation: we dedicate ourselves to your focus topic and accompany you on your individual development path.

Call us or send an eine e-Mail to arrange a non-binding strategy conversation.

We look forward to meeting you!


Results Workshops

Whether it's an employee survey or 360° leadership feedback: The survey results are always just a starting point for deriving individual and targeted measures and follow-up activities.

We accompany you in the next steps. Effective follow-up takes place as needed:

HR departments & project teams

Joint data analysis & aggregation, preparation of internal result communication, company-wide action derivation, ensure visibility for organization.

Teams & departments

Turn those affected into participants, develop collaborative solutions, initiate team development processes, set impulses.

Large groups

Organization of events e.g. employee days, management conferences

Focus groups

For a targeted review, it is also worthwhile to hold approx. two-hour workshops in focus groups, in which 10 to 12 employees discuss certain key results of the survey and enrich the quantitative results with qualitative insights.

Let's go

With results workshops, we work with you to make your data usable and initiate sustainable development processes in your organization.

Don't let valuable feedback go to waste!


Our basic approach to organizational development is "empowerment": We support you and your company in preparing managers and/or HR departments for their tasks in the follow-up process of an employee survey or 360° feedback. In these "train-the-trainer" seminars, depending on the requirements, the necessary action knowledge is imparted to competently accompany follow-up processes:

  • Background knowledge about the survey and the survey topics
  • Tips for presenting the results to employees
  • Recommendations for interpreting the results
  • Qualification of HR and management staff for the independent implementation of follow-up workshops on employee surveys and coaching sessions.
  • In-house training of internal coaches, trainers and moderators.
  • On request, we qualify your existing team of external consultants/trainers/facilitators with regard to the requirements of the current employee survey and feedback process.

Pay attention to individual competence development in training & coaching as well!

Development Programmes

Change happens - always and everywhere. Where structures are to be broken up, habits and attitudes changed, this is rarely easy: Resistance and conflicts are part of the program.

Changes have enormous effects - especially emotional ones.

We accompany you with customized development programs to increase your leadership and change competence in the company and to ensure the targeted processing of data from employee surveys and 360° feedback.

Do you focus on the following topics?

  • Agile Transformation
  • Corporate Mindfulness
  • Learning culture
  • Globalization
  • Digitalization

We develop the right accompanying program for you and with you.

People leaders are at the center of this.

They provide decisive orientation - both in their function within the company and as a person with impact and charisma towards employees and colleagues. It is essential to competently accompany emerging emotions in the change process. Appropriate competencies are promoted through a mix of learning and exchange formats.

Development is not a one-time event. Start your change journey with us now.


You would like to work directly on specific competence development? In our ACADEMY 4 EXCELLENCE you will find further education and training - as classroom or live online seminars - on the following topics, among others:

  • Agile Leadership
  • Agile Change & Transformation Management
  • Agile Coach Training
  • Agile Moderation
  • Design Thinking
  • Diversity Competence
  • Mindfulness
  • Mediation & Conflict Resolution
  • Communication@Work
  • Psychology@Work
  • Team Coaching
  • Virtual Collaboration

All our trainings are also available in-house.

Contact us - we are looking forward to meeting you!


360° feedback or employee surveys are often energy impulses that get the ball rolling and set change in motion.

Sounds simple - but it rarely is.

In order to master development challenges, support is helpful. As experienced development facilitators for feedback recipients, we are happy to be there for you - with coaching as a successful instrument.

Occasions for coaching:

  • 360°feedback surprises and creates emotional involvement
  • Translating feedback into behavioral changes
  • Support to identify your own blind spots
  • Developing leadership culture, e.g. in the direction of agile leadership

In coaching we support you to

  • Gain clarity for your development
  • Discover new perspectives
  • to dissolve blockades
  • Promote composure & sovereignty
  • to increase your success sustainably

We accompany you trustfully, humorously, effectively.

Our benevolently uncomfortable questions enable you to grow in yourself and beyond yourself: you consistently develop your individual potential, self-awareness, competencies and power of action.

Fokus Gruppen

Oft ergeben die besten Antworten auf eine Mitarbeiterbefragung neue Fragen, die es zu verfolgen gilt. Hierfür lohnen sich ca. zweistündige Fokusgruppen, in denen 10 bis 12 Mitarbeiter bestimmte Schlüsselergebnisse der Befragung diskutieren und die quantitativen Ergebnisse um qualitative Erkenntnisse anreichern.

Bei Bedarf konzipieren und moderieren wir auch gerne Fokusgruppen-Workshops, z.B. um

  • widersprüchliche Ergebnisse zu validieren
  • Maßnahmenideen zu hinterfragen
  • oder neue Ideen zu generieren.


Um welche Befragung es sich auch handelt: Die Umfrage-Ergebnisse sind Startpunkt, um individuelle Maßnahmen und zielgerichtete Aktivitäten abzuleiten. Erst die Reaktion auf die Befragungsergebnisse und die folgenden nachhaltigen Aktionen geben der Befragung ihren Nutzwert.

Als Entwicklungsbegleiter für Ihre Organisation unterstützen wir die wirksame Aufarbeitung je nach Bedarf mit

  • Ergebnisworkshops
  • Qualifizierungsworkshops
  • Events
  • Coachings
  • und mehr

Mögliche Herausforderungen im Follow-Up-Prozess:

  • Organisation im Dauerstress - es fehlt Ruhe, sich den Ergebnissen zu widmen
  • Interesse & Wille sind da, um mit den Ergebnissen zu arbeiten, es fehlt jedoch an Erfahrung und Ressourcen
  • Akteure tun sich schwer, aus Daten konkrete Schritte abzuleiten.
  • Führungskräfte im Rollenkonflikt zwischen Umsetzer, Gestalter, Moderator ... und Verursacher einzelner Spannungspunkte
  • Es gibt eine Historie an Befragungen, in denen „nichts passiert ist“
  • Es gilt Trägheit und Skepsis zu überwinden




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