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Built with the contribution of each individual, organizations are complex constructs. Sustainable organizational development therefore also starts with the development of each individual. People leaders in particular make a significant contribution as team coaches & multipliers. Core competencies such as self-leadership & communication skills are basic requirements to be successful as a leader today and tomorrow.

Where do you currently stand as a leader? Where should your personal development as a leader go?

We are happy to support you with an individual location assessment as 360° feedback or the LINC Personality Inventory.

Based on this, we develop your individual development program together with you, e.g. with business coaching, executive sparring or training - oriented to your individual goals, strengths and development areas.

What does your path look like? Let us find out together!

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Feedback Surveys. Your individual status quo assessment.

Determining the personal development standpoint

The further development of one's own personality and individual leadership skills always begins with an assessment of one's position. Only on the basis of this can concrete goals and development areas be defined. No learning without feedback!

We are happy to support you with our feedback surveys:

  • LINC Personality Inventory
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Leadership Feedback

On this basis, you can compare your self-image and learn how you appear to others. You can also look at yourself with a certain distance and then proactively work on developing your competencies and your impact and effectiveness. Feedback is very valuable - if you use it and work with it in a targeted way.

360-degree feedback

"Leadership" is not a driver's license along the lines of "once made, for life". On the contrary: regular feedback helps managers to do their own job even better. And 360-degree leadership feedbacks are proven tools for this purpose.

People leaders receive feedback on observable competencies from their own work environment - from the perspective of their own employees, colleagues and superiors. In parallel, the leader fills out a self-assessment, which is compared in the evaluation with the external image of the feedback givers. The comparison of self-perception and external perception makes it possible to work out starting points for one's own competence development with the feedback recipients.

Our web-based software "vieconnect" serves the administration & implementation of 360-degree feedback processes. vieconnect...

  • ...manages feedback processes of any size in real time
  • user-friendly and works on all devices
  • available in 28 languages
  • stable & scalable - no matter if 50, 500 or 5,000 recipients are involved
  • ...takes into account data protection and security standards

We would be happy to create your individual leadership feedback analysis - also with integration of

  • Value canon of your organization
  • Leadership competencies of your organization
  • Factors of the Agile Mindset
  • Hybrid & virtual Leadership Competences
  • a.o.

Leadership Feedback with PERMA-Lead

Leadership feedback helps to expand learning opportunities for managers and to establish building blocks of a positive feedback and learning culture.

To this end, we work not only with 360-degree feedback, but also with a concept from positive psychology:

The PERMA Lead Principle provides a modern foundation for future-oriented leadership feedback.

We would be happy to create your individual leadership feedback analysis - also with the integration of

  • Value canon of your organization
  • Leadership competencies of your organization
  • Factors of the Agile Mindset
  • Digital Fitness Focus
  • Hybrid & Virtual Leadership Competences
  • Positive Leadership - PERMA Principle
  • VUCA Fitness Competences
  • a.o.

LINC Personality Inventory as a basis for personal development

Regardless of your position in the company, the LINC Personality Inventory gives you a completely new perspective on your competencies, inner motives and character traits, combined with a targeted strengthening of your strengths. Whether it's new responsibilities at work or a stress-free everyday life: use this psychologically based feedback tool for your individual development journey.

The LINC Personality Inventory is based on the "Big Five" personality traits and is therefore one of the most profound personality inventories. The BIG 5 are considered by experts to be THE standard model of modern personality psychology: countless high-quality, empirical scientific studies repeatedly confirm its quality and superiority over other approaches. In line with the findings of modern personality psychology, the character traits of the BIG 5 are supplemented by motives (What drives me?) and competencies (Which skills are particularly suited to me?). The LINC Personality Inventory thus enables a comprehensive, holistic recording and description of the human personality and avoids stereotypical approaches.

Your personal analysis offers numerous exciting starting points for further development activities. In addition to the written personal analysis, you are also welcome to receive individual coaching to support your personal development. Because self-reflection and self-leadership is not only the basis for good employee management, but also for successful cooperation in general.


Are you interested in an individual 360-degree feedback to develop your leadership competencies? Would you like to receive your LINC Personality Inventory to further develop your personal competencies?

We conduct both tools completely online. From the first contact to the questionnaires to your individual report. We attach great importance to DSGVO-compliant handling of your data.

And afterwards?

The best report does not create added value if the findings are not used for further work. A follow-up with our certified coaches can also be done online!

We support you in interpreting your results and deriving your development goals. With coaching sessions, executive sparring and trainings.

Contact us!

Would you like to know what your competencies and skills are as a Poeple Leader? Get feedback from your immediate work environment and learn in which areas your strengths and development areas lie.

We offer you as a people leader a free discussion of our leadership feedback. This will focus on the most important topics related to your leadership activities.

Receive feedback on your leadership activities - free of charge and without obligation and at the same time infinitely valuable.

Contact us:

Please call or send an  e-Mail. We look forward to hearing from you!

Follow-up: Targeted development. Let the data be followed by action!

A 360° feedback or personality inventory provides impetus for development that cannot unfold its full potential unaccompanied. We support you in expanding your leadership skills, developing your career and in personal change processes.

It is important to keep in mind: Personality development does not happen by magic!

It is about self-reflection and about discovering and strengthening previously unused resources and potentials. This is a process worth investing in.

Occasions for development support:

The comparison of self-image and external image surprises and creates emotional involvement.
the personality profile uncovers blind spots
to separate the relevant from the irrelevant and to translate results into behavioral changes.
We support you in

  • gain clarity for your development
  • discover new perspectives
  • dissolve blockades
  • to perceive positive feelings & experiences more intensively
  • to promote composure & sovereignty
  • and to increase your success sustainably.

Our offers are individually tailored to your needs and enable effective and sustainable success.

Please contact us!

Transfer Conversations

In order to make the most of the results of 360-degree feedback, we recommend holding transfer talks with an external coach. Transfer meetings are bilateral discussions of approximately 90 minutes between a feedback recipient and a coach. In the process ...

  • ... the individual 360-degree results are reviewed and discussed
  • ... the results are reflected and prioritized
  • ... the options for action are derived and weighted
  • ... the next steps are defined and concretely planned.

Transfer conversation or coaching - what is the difference?

The basis of a transfer discussion is always the results of a 360-degree feedback. Transfer discussions therefore have a higher degree of predefined structure and are less open-ended than classic coaching. In contrast to classic coaching, transfer conversations are usually one-time conversations. The development goals that result from transfer conversations can, of course, be further developed and accompanied within the framework of a classic coaching process.

In business coaching, we offer you individual and long-term development support that specifically assists you with your plans. You determine the goal and direction, we help you to remove the obstacles.

Business Coaching is the ideal follow-up for your personal development, for example to:

  • Translate the weighted options for action from your feedback report into behavioral changes
  • Activate your resources sustainably
  • Recognize and critically question personal drivers
  • Work on your own blind spots 

We accompany you trustingly, humorously, effectively. Our benevolently uncomfortable questions enable you to grow in yourself and beyond yourself: You consistently develop your individual potential, self-awareness, competencies and power of action.

To do this, we use elements from humanistic psychology and systems theory as well as tools from emotion, motivation and communication psychology. Trust in our expertise and many years of experience.

Management was yesterday. Today, leadership excellence is required.

The roles of leader and developer need to be focused, and the roles of expert and manager need to be filled within the team. Ideally, your organization encourages the development of an expert career path in parallel with a leadership career path.

As a people leader, you are in the spotlight and watched by employees like a star by paparazzi: both in your role in the company and as a person with impact and charisma.

You are expected to be a role model with lighthouse-like charisma, and at the same time you have to master a wide range of professional, strategic and personal challenges.

In times of permanent change, this includes

  • the development of forward-looking visions
  • convincing communication of goals, meaning and benefits
  • Promoting a culture of empowerment and learning
  • Supporting agile and digital transformation
  • calm and motivating leadership through change situations
  • and many other challenges.

We will be happy to accompany you in working on these and other topics.

Executive Sparring

The combination of psychological and professional support makes Executive Sparring particularly interesting and helpful for top executives.

  • Are you wondering how to deal more confidently with power games, micro-politics and hidden agendas in top management?
  • Would you like to develop the culture in your organization?
  • You are capable and willing to perform, but your workload limits have been reached?
  • You want to professionalize your soft skills?
  • You would like to get new impulses from outside?

We support you in expanding your leadership competencies in a targeted manner, in looking at situations and challenges from different perspectives, in illuminating roles, values, goals and your positioning and, if necessary, in redefining them. In this way, you increase your impact, authenticity and power of action and achieve sustainable success with sovereign composure.

Aus- und Weiterbildung

If you have derived development goals in coaching, these can be ideally deepened and anchored in the context of trainings and workshops. In our ACADEMY 4 EXCELLENCE you will find further education and training courses on the following topics, among others:

  • Agile Leadership
  • Agile Change & Transformation Management
  • Agile Coach Training
  • Agile Moderation
  • Design Thinking
  • Diversity Competence
  • Mindfulness
  • Mediation & Conflict Resolution
  • Communication@Work
  • Psychology@Work
  • Team Coaching
  • Virtual Collaboration

All our trainings & seminars are also available in-house. Contact us - we are looking forward to meeting you!




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